Hello! Howdy! Hi!

Hi, my name is Rebecca, but you can call me Becky. I am a Mrs, a homeowner and live in the sunny seaside town of Worthing, West Sussex. (AKA – near Brighton). I am sure this will be where I can document all my thoughts, feelings and random moments in my life and I welcome you fully into my mind.

The below was taken the morning of my wedding day, as I was sipping water through a straw because I was terrified of spilling anything down my beautiful dress.


I have decided to throw myself headfirst into this blogging malarkey. I wanted to find something that I can be passionate about and what better than my new ”Granny Hobby” Cross-Stitch.

I have fallen head over heels with this craft. I find it very relaxing, and it is my stress reliever. I am working on a massive Lion King piece which so far is on its 3rd year, as I have gone back to it in between little projects. This year I joined the Geeky Stitching Club through an Instagram post by the creator Jess, and I can safely say I am addicted. She creates punny stitches, which literally do have you in ‘stitches’!

Anyway enough about stitching. (for now)

This is just a brief hello and a ”nice t’ meet cha” and I hope you enjoy reading the content I produce!


– Becky


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