Primark Make-Up

I have to post this as a little review.

I like many other women love make-up however I do not like make-up that will leave me bankrupt or renewing my mortgage!

I usually buy Natural Collection from Boots with a posh mascara and the usual Maybelline foundation.

I thought about perhaps giving Primarks range a try. With caution I stood at their mess of a make-up stand with the fear that it could really affect my skin.

This is what I bought as well as a bunch of their brushes and sponges

img_0913 Sponge, Face Powder, blush brush, shimmer block, liquid foundation (porcelain), 2 in 1 foundation and concealer (Ivory), velvet matte lipstick crayon (mushroom). 

The liquid foundation is possibly the best foundation I have ever used! It applies to your face wonderfully and the coverage is okay. You do not need layers and layers of it, it also did not turn me orange!

The face powder in the top left is the only thing I did not like. It made me look like a ghost. I went for light as I am very fair so porcelain tones are the best for me. However this was very white and powdery in the appearance.

I don’t usually use bronzer just because it makes me look orange, but the shimmer block provides a highlighted dewy look. Which isn’t too much.

The lipstick crayons! I have to say I want more of these the colour is lovely and its matte. It applies to your lips easier than a lip stick.

I do wish they had more brushes for blending etc but it may just be the store I went to had not much to choose from.

All in all Primark make up I give you a 4 out of 5 just because of the pressed powder. But j will definitely be buying them again for my everyday use!

Full face of Primark make-up whilst on honeymoon. 



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