img_0918So here is my current project.

Thomas Kinkade The Lion King 

So far I have done 1 and a half sections out of 4. This has taken almost 3 whole years.

It will look gorgeous when it is complete, however these things do take time and in those three years I have done various mini projects when this one gets too much.

I get a monthly subscription so each month I get 3 patterns and one of those is a kit from Jess at the Geeky Stitching Company. I throughly recommend her subscription boxes, the patterns are easy to follow and even if you are a cross-stitching novice, like I still am she provides a handy step by step guide. You also get the theme of the month on a postcard, a trim for your hoop and some sweeties. It’s a lovely little box to receive at the end of each month. I can not wait for this week as it will hit my mat and it is lemonade themed!

Then I have been creating some fairytale silhouettes for my sister which is an ongoing project. 7 patterns. 4 done just need to frame them and the 3 big ones to go. Why do I do this to myself?!

– Becky


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