Hello, from the other side!

Hi, I am fully aware I have not been as up to date on this as I should be, it’s because I have been swept up in the sea of life.

I seem to be catching cold after cold, and just generally feeling really run down. So this were my subconscious has stepped in. I need to get healthier.

So my pledge to myself is I will be drinking so much water, I am going to cook more from scratch and I am now doing a 2 week squat challenge. (Break myself in with squats…)

I have also booked myself in for a new tattoo, yes it is Disney themed but that is all I will be revealing until it is done in 3 weeks time!

I have also been swept around at work, offered a promotion so I accepted, I will be moving into the marketing department which would be a good move for me.


As for my cross-stitch I have been so busy I entered a competition on Instagram for Halloween and won. I chose my prize as a the Millenium Falcon to stitch. So I am currently doing that. I have so many WIPS on the go. I am drowning in AIDA and thread…

Anyway I am now going to catch up with last nights I’m a Celebrity get me out of here.


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