So much to catch up on! 

So, I got my big promotion. I now work in marketing and I could not be happier right now. I am loving the new challenges I am experiencing and everyday I am learning new things! 

In other news I got my tattoo! Here she is…

Gorgeous huh?

I am so beyond in love with my leg that even though it is winter I am wearing shorts and skirts like it’s 22 degrees out there 🙈

I also created this. Not cross-stitch I know but it is gorgeous and my new favourite decoration for Christmas.


Anywho, I am now finishing Pretty Little Liars Season 7 part 1 so I need to fill the void in my evenings with another box set. Think I may go back to Once upon a time as I have not been watching the current season.

Keep an eye out very soon, as I feel I need to dedicate more time to this.

2016 has been pants, here’s to 2017 eh?

– Becky


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