52 Week Blogging Challenge | Week 1 – Top 5 places I’d like to visit.

So I am going to take part in the 52 week blogging challenge, I saw this on a blog I follow I have linked them all below, I thought this was such a great idea, at least I can stick to a schedule and  blog at least once a week. Keep my writing juices flowing and all that jazz. So here is the full list, so take part. I’m sure I will have some fun with this. If you wish to take part, the details are at the bottom. Happy reading guys!img_2150-11.png

If you know me well enough and as I sit in bed next to my husband typing this, he is reeling off all the Disneyland’s across the globe. However as I have visited Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort Paris on numerous occasions and will probably remain to do so in the foreseeable future then I don’t think they will make the list.

  • The Route 66 Driving Tour

Route 66 Tour
I think this must come from my father, he has always wanted to do this and I would love to do this with him. Stopping off in motels along the route, eating in some truly authentic American roadside diners. The thought of a greasy burger just makes me drool. We have visited Orlando on numerous occasions and although it is America and the food is just delicious, I don’t think we are experiencing the “real America” it has gotten very touristy. So this is definitely on my must visit list. Plus, I could pretend I was on a hunting trip like in Supernatural. Yes I am aware I am a nerd…

  • Thailand

Thailand, Krabi Beach
Now, Thailand was never on this list initially, however my wonderful colleague at work has just come back from a month’s holiday and her own wedding over there and she is just selling this holiday to me. One of my closest friends, did a bit of backpacking last year and she loved it, Thai food is also growing on me as we have such a great Thai Street Food restaurant locally in Worthing. I feel like we should do a nice relaxing “beach” or “pool” holiday. Also look at that beach?!

  • New York

New York Cab and Street
Our wedding was New York themed, Our Honeymoon was in Disneyland Paris staying at the New York hotel, and our bedroom is also New York themed. Do you get it? My husband and I love it. I think we want to just be whisked away in the hustle and bustle of city life, I would love to see a show on Broadway and goodness knows what we would see! There is too much choice. We would go to the Statue of Liberty, up the Empire State, and also visit the World Trade Centre site for a moment of reflection. Every year we have been together we have watched all the various 9/11 programmes, cried with the families who lost loved ones, and gotten so angry and the various things that became the 9/11 conspiracies. We will do this holiday one day, we will be sat in one of these yellow cabs soon. We shall just save our little booties off.

  • Australia
Sydney Harbour

I would love to visit this place, my uncle emigrated to Australia many moons ago and is now currently residing in Sydney. I would love to experience this culture, and do all the typical touristy stuff, I would also love to walk the Harbour bridge. That would be truly exhilarating! The only thing that puts me off is the spiders and snakes. My husband is not good with either of those, and I have seen some of those spiders on telly in horror home made videos. I don’t think they will fit in a tissue… We will work on that!

  • Las Vegas

Paris, Las Vegas
Ever since I heard of Britney Spears’ residency in Las Vegas, I have felt the urge to visit. I want to see all the lights, the casinos and the shows. I am a massive fan of Penn and Teller and would love to see their performance too! I want to ride the rollercoaster that goes through the casino and see parts of where The Hangover was filmed. This place just seems to be the epicentre of fun and I need to be there.

Yes I know America does rank pretty highly on my list of 5 places to go. However, I will probably hold fire on visiting there for the next 4 years. #sorrynotsorry

So there you have it, Week One of the 52 week challenge. I saw this on Natalie Charmaine’s blog you can check her out here.

Want to take part? All you need to is, Link the 52-week blog challenge image as above and then link both Brittany daily dose and Sit back and just lives’ blog in your post. 

That’s it for this week. I’ll head off to bed now dreaming of my top 5 holiday destinations.

-Becky xo


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