Review | Avon Make-Up

One of my friends has just started to work for Avon. Yes, she has become an ‘Avon lady’.

Now their make-up has transformed over the last 10 or so years, they feature a lot more up to date trends and colours in various different mediums, plus they do not test on animals. Yes Mac… I look to you.

I have become obsessed with the Matte effect lipsticks from Avon. They are normally around £8 which I do think is steep for a lipstick, So I usually buy them when they are on offer. They are currently £5.50 each in the current book. As you can see I have many colours! At least one a day now!! 

I am getting so used to lipstick now and I love it!

The full colours are from left to right.

Wild Cherry, Ruby Kiss, Vibrant Melon, Electric Pink, Mauve Matters, Pure Pink, Peach Flatters, Marvellous Mocha.

I now decided to branch into their eyebrow pencils and eyeliners. As we are going to Florida later on this year, My eyebrows seem to disappear in the sun, due to my hair being quite fair. So I will be giving these a go and then will get some if I agree with them for our trip away.


I also bought some brushes, but they are going straight into my Florida bag. Once I have gotten all my Florida stuff together, I will show you what I have got to wear, and make up wise, what I am taking.

Anyway, back to the Avon. I can not recommend these lipsticks enough, they stay on throughout the majority of the day. Only really need to be reapplied after eating. They also do not feel tight on your lips, like most Matte lipsticks. They are pretty impressive, for their price. Well done Avon, they are the best Matte lipsticks I have tried. I look forward to one day owning the full colour collection.


That’s all for now. – Becky xo



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