52 Week Blogging Challenge | Week 2 – My favourite Quotes of all time

This week we are focussing on my favourite quotes.


You will find me browsing a lot of quote photos on the old internet. I am one of those passive aggressive quote posters on Instagram. If I am feeling motivated, prepare for the onslaught of motivational quotes. If someone has hurt or upset me, you will probably have a quote directed at you.

My favourite quotes from books are:-

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Good old Dumbledore providing his wisdom to all around us. If you can’t find anything inspirational or motivating in the Harry Potter series, is there any point in reading?

“Fiction just makes it all more interesting. Truth is so boring.”

Now this is from the Sookie Stackhouse series. If you want a proper vampire series to read, that blows Twilight out of the water, then you must read this series. a 13 book series, which features, vampires, werewolves, witches, synthetic blood, shapeshifters, waitresses and a vampire nightclub. I love these books and then I loved the TV series True Blood that came from it, although they did change a lot for the TV. Be prepared there’s a lot of sex in these novels.

If anyone knows me personally I live a breathe all things Disney. So any Walt Disney quote I just die for.

“Why do we have to grow up? I know more adults who have the children’s approach to life. They’re people who don’t give a hang what the Joneses do. You see them at Disneyland every time you go there. They are not afraid to be delighted with simple pleasures, and they have a degree of contentment with what life has brought – sometimes it isn’t much, either.”

Don’t you just love him. I know there are sides to Walt Disney that not everyone agreed with, however you can not fault the guy, he has bought us the biggest franchise of fun, escapism and just pure nostalgia.


Those are my favourite quotes. Want to take part? All you need to is, Link the 52-week blog challenge image as above and then link both Brittany daily dose and Sit back and just lives’ blog in your post. 

See you next week lovelies!

-Becky xo


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