52 Week Blogging Challenge | Week 3 – My Biggest Fears


Welcome to Week 3 of the 52 Week Blogging Challenge, this week I delve into my biggest fears.

Some are scared of Spiders, Snakes, High Places etc, I know my husband is terrified of the creepy crawlies. But, my phobia is Clowns. I don’t think I have ever had a bad experience with a clown, it is the fact I can not see the person’s face, the make-up and the smile just seems sinister to me.

Yes, I was right hoot in the summer last year when the clown terrorising began! What started out in the USA swept over to the UK and even to our little neighbourhood. Facebook was rife with Clown Sightings. My lovely husband even offered to walk me to and from work as I was that terrified. I thankfully did not come face to face with one of those idiots. I am not sure what I would of done if I did. Probably just stood there and cried like a big child!

We went to the circus as kids, and I remember not really seeing them, I think I must of ignored them or my mum steered me away from them. However we went to Cirque du Soleil in Down-Town Disney in Orlando which my Dad really wanted to see, he insisted there were no Clowns. He lied. We were sat in the front section but the back row, and we had a walkway behind us and the next rows of seats. We sat down and a pre show of two clowns appeared, I began panicking, tears rolling down my face as they chose my mum as a target. I was stuck, I couldn’t leave as they would turn their attention to me, so I sat there crying, what felt like everyone in the theatre staring at my mum and me. I drank my whole large cola in those 10 minutes. NEVER again!

Stefan, as the wonderful husband he is, watches things first if he feels a clown may be in it, and he warns me and tells me to close my eyes every time. He is brilliant like that. Its usually shows like Supernatural, Release the Hounds and Modern Family.

I have tried to combat my fear, however to no avail. Just listening the audiobook of IT just sends shivers down my spine. My imagination goes wild and I can not deal with it. If I have a nightmare involving a clown I rip my pjamma bottoms. Not even a joke…

It probably started when we visited Disney for the first time and I was abducted by the Queen of Hearts, Yes I know… My lovely Dad decided he needed to go to the loo, leaving myself a 5 year old and my sister a 3 year old in our strollers with Mum. My sister decided to be snotty this holiday and needed her face wiped, as my mother was doing that, I felt my stroller move. Thinking great Dad is back, I turn and see this giant Queen of Hearts head grinning down at me, most definitely NOT my father. I begin to cry! My mum’s first instinct, get a photo! So here I am in all my crying glory. Scarred for life by the Queen of Hearts.


So there we are my biggest fear. Clowns. Who knew?!

Want to take part? All you need to is, Link the 52-week blog challenge image as above and then link both Brittany daily dose and Sit back and just lives’ blog in your post. 

See you next week lovelies!

-Becky xo




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