52 Week Blogging Challenge | Week 4 – If I could eat ONE last meal


img_2150-11Now the people who know me personally, will know that I love food. I love it so much, that everyday I talk about food, other people’s food and even day dream about what to eat for my next meal before even eating lunch.

So to choose my last meal which is tough for me. It would also depend on whether it is a 3 course meal or just a one course.

My last meal if chosen for a full 3-course meal would be:-

Starter – Loaded potato skins with a side of sour cream dip.

Main – An Indian takeaway Korma with onion rice from a local curry house.

Dessert – Strawberry Cheesecake.

Even though my very close second favourite main is a pizza, I will always opt for a curry if I’m out. I just love them! But not really spicy ones. I am a wimp like that. If I could only have the main of those I would be happy too.

Want to take part? All you need to is, Link the 52-week blog challenge image as above and then link both Brittany daily dose and Sit back and just lives’ blog in your post. 

See you next week lovelies!

-Becky xo




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