52 Week Blogging Challenge – Week 5 – Meet My Pets.



So this week we focus on all things fur-baby related. Now August 2015 was a big year for our little household. We tied the knot, went on our mini-moon and then started our family. We bought a Guinea Pig. Meet Brie. Or Brie-Balls. Or trouble, little terror or mumma’s baby.


She is just the cutest right? We got her when she was 2 months old, so we decided her birthday is the 19th June. So this year she will be 2 years old. She has grown so much from the tiny, terrified little bubba she used to be to the spoilt little girl she is now. She gets held every day, and has a space to roam, plenty of hay and water and fed fresh veg twice a day. So before anyone jumps on me for only having one Guinea Pig. She is doing okay and has regular weigh ins etc at the vets. So chill.


I’m not sure about you, but I think she is smiling. Maybe I’m imagining it, but this is my all time favourite picture of her. My sister made her little outfit as her Christmas present in 2016. Brie is my bestest friend as she will listen to me, lick away my tears if I need a cry and of course fall asleep on me during her first thunder storm. I can not imagine my life without her, to me she will only be a part of my life, but to her, we are her life and we are going to give her the best damn life we can give a Guinea Pig.

Want to take part? All you need to is, Link the 52-week blog challenge image as above and then link both Brittany daily dose and Sit back and just lives’ blog in your post. 

See you next week lovelies!

-Becky xo





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